Our annual Patrick C. Fetterman Memorial Basketball Tournament is held over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. The 2014 tournament is set for January 18–22, 2014.


Games are played 9:00am–5:00pm each day, with a break set for lunch. Girl's games are play on Saturday, boy's games are played on Sunday, and all playoff and championship games are played on Monday.


All games are played on the Gym Floor of The Clark Sports Center (124 County Highway 52, Cooperstown, New York, 13326).

Tournament Records

Year Girls Team Winner Girls MVP Boys Team Winner Boys MVP
2005 Oneonta Sienna Wisse Ilion Xavier Maxwell
2006 New Hartford Lexie Raynard Johnstown Kieran McCoy
2007 Oneonta Mariah Ruff St. Ann's Joe Foran
2008 Oneonta Mariah Ruff St. Ann's Sam Brochu
2009 Clark Sports Center Addy Lawson Oneonta Jordan Guitterez
2010 Norwich Savanah Irwin Broadalbin Vincenzo DiCaterino
2011 Frankfort Danielle Caivana Victor Clay Bleier
2012 Perkiomen Valley Alex Blomstrom Cazenovia Kevin Stalder
2013 Clark Sports Center Emilie Perez Cobleskill Donovan Pacatte
2014 Central Valley Reilly Rich Clark Sports Center Josh Geci
High Points (Tournament) Girls High Points (Tournament) Boys
Mackenzie Stahler (Canajoharie) • 91 (2006) Jordan Guitterez (Oneonta) • 84 (2009)
High Points (Game) Girls High Points (Game) Boys
Molly Pearlman (Cooperstown) • 24 (2005)
Mackenzie Stahler (Canajoharie) • 24 (2006)
Jordan Guitterez (Oneonta) • 31 (2009)

Tournament Rules

Rosters • All players must be in the sixth grade or below and must be born on or after September 1st, 2000 to be qualified for the 2014 tournament. If a player is found to be in a grade above the sixth grade or born before September 1st, 2000, then that team will be disqualified. Team rosters are frozen after the first game—no additions are allowed. Teams must have numbered uniforms. Players are required to bring a current year report card with them to prove their grade if questioned (if a report card cannot be shown, they cannot play until one is provided).

Game Schedules • Each team will play two full court games against teams in their pool. The two teams with the best records in each pool will automatically advance to the semifinals. The remaining teams will play in quarterfinal games with the winners advancing to the semifinals, and those winners will move on to the finals. Tiebreaker (if needed) in the pool play will be as follows: Win/loss, head to head record, then point total in their bracket.

Game Time • In the round robin and quarterfinal games, each half will be 18 minutes running time. The clock will stop in the last minute of the first half and the last two minutes of the second half (if games are within 15 points). Each overtime will be a two minute stop time period. The semifinal and championship games will be 7 minute quarters with stop time. Overtimes in semifinal and championship games will be 3 minutes with stop time.


Timeouts • Each team will receive 4 timeouts that will be 1 minute long. Coaches may use up to 2 timeouts per half. In overtime periods, each team will receive one timeout. Timeouts do not carry over.

Game Play • Teams will be allowed to press the last two minutes of the second half as long as they are not winning by more than 10 points. The 10 second back court rule is in effect for both boys and girls games. Defense in the back court is not allowed—a warning will be given for the first offense followed by a two shot technical for each additional violation. Man to man defense will be played. The three point shot will be in effect. Bonus will be on the seventh team foul per half and double bonus on the tenth. Any player receiving a technical foul will be required to serve a three minute cooling off period. If two technicals are called on the same player or coach they will be ejected for that game and required to sit out the next game. If another technical foul is received at any time during the tournament, they will be ejected from the tournament. Coaches will meet with officials before each game to review Game Play rules.

Coaches • Each team is allowed to have one head coach and one assistant coach on the bench. Assistant coaches are not allowed to speak or comment to officials. A team may have one scorekeeper that must sit at the scoring table. Scorekeepers are not allowed to coach. Any violation of these rules with result in removal of a team’s assistant coach or scorekeeper.

Awards & T-shirts

Trophies • First and second place boys and girls teams will receive a trophy. One boy and one girl will receive a Most Valuable Player trophy. One boy and one girl will receive a Sportsmanship Award. Five girls and five boys will be honored as members of an All Tournament Team. The names of the winning teams and MVP players will be added to the plaque on the wall in the Gym Floor. Awards will be given out after each final game.

T-shirts • The tournament will feature T-shirts that will be given to each player and head coach. Extra shirts, if available, will be sold at the Main Desk.

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