Waiver Form

All runners and bikers must have a Clark Sports Center waiver form on file. Children 18 and under must have this waiver signed by a parent. Waivers will be available on Race Day or can be downloaded and printed from our site (PDF, 90kb).

The Transitions

You are allowed 10 minutes to safely change from the Pool to the Group Fitnes Studio and 5 minutes to move from the Group Fitness Studio to the Indoor Running Ttrack.

The Scores

You will bring a volunteer with you who will count your laps in the pool and laps on the track! The more distance you cover, the higher your score.

Event Time & Date




At The Clark Sports Center, 124 County Route 52, Cooperstown, New York, 13326


Registration is held at 5:30pm. The race will begin at 6:30pm. Heats begin every 40 minutes

The Race

Become a triathlete in 60 minutes! Our Indoor Triathlon Series is a fun challenge that appeals to everyone, seasoned triathletes to first-timers. All of the action takes place in one convenient, weatherproof location—The Clark Sports Center! The race consists of a 10 minute swim in our Lap Pool, 30 minutes on our Spinning bikes in the Group Fitness studio, and 20 minutes on our Indoor Running Track. Must be 14 years or age or older to participate.


Entrance Fee

Member Registration
$5 for members
Day of Registration: $10

Non-Member Registration
$10 for non-members
Day of Registration: $20

Register at the Main Desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the race open to beginners? Yes!

Are you affiliated with USA Triathlon? No, we are not.

What should I wear? Wear comfortable athletic clothing you can swim, run and bike in.

Contact Us

For more information about the race, please contact race director Matt Phillips by calling 547-2800.

Indoor Triathlon Series Results

(Updated November 19, 2012)

Turkey Triathlon Overall Winner • November 16, 2012
Colleen Donnelly

Indoor Triathlon Series Results

(Updated April 26, 2012)

18-25 Age Group
1st • Josie McDermott (41 pts)
2nd • Adam Richman (15pts)
3rd • Andrew Gomez (13 pts)

26-30 Age Group
1st • Freda Ready (20 pts)
2nd • Krista Suojnen (15 pts)

41-45 Age Group
1st • Noel Feik (15 pts)
2nd • Christine McBrearty-Hulse (11.5 pts)
3rd • Susie Knight (8.5pts)
4th • Amy VanKampen (7.5pts)

46-50 Age Group
1st • Janet Ratliff (14.5 pts)
2nd • Scott MacLachlan (13 pts)

51-55 Age Group
1st • Brad Feik (22 pts)

56-60 Age Group
1st • Amy McDermott (14 pts)
2nd • Katie Boardman (6pts)