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Kayak Pool Sessions

Join us for pool sessions to master your body positions, strokes or roll with us in our nice warm pool. Kayak pool sessions will be led by Jim DiLiberto, American Canoe Association Level 4 Whitewater Instructor.

Our students find pool sessions help:

  • Master the roll
  • Increase comfort with being upside down in a kayak
  • Improve specific stroke technique
  • Increase boat awareness and ability to maintain edges
  • Regain confidence before heading out to the river

Since every student has different needs, every pool session is different. However, we draw upon the following core progressions to create a customized experience for every guest. Topics include: Lower/upper body separation, body positions, upper body rotation, strokes, and rolling. These topics are valuable for river and near shore kayakers.

Ages 14+. Register online today!


Thursdays, beginning March 3, 5:00-6:30pm.


Kayak Pool Sessions are open to Members and Non-Members. Non-Members must buy a day pass. Pay a one time fee of $20 for the whole session!