Challenge Course & Rock Climbing Programs for Groups

Our Adventure Program outings and team adventures offer once in a lifetime memories. The Clark Sports Center has a wood land ropes course with low events and team belays, our high challenge course outside is a marvel designed to bring out the best in groups from 8 to 30 participants simultaneously, and indoor high rock climbing wall provides amazing and memorable events for when the weather just won't cooperate. Our programs are custom built to suit the needs of your organization and will:

  • Build a sense of community;
  • Build systems of communication;
  • Develop an appreciation of the differences in others;
  • Develop a sense of how to make healthy choices.

We serve colleges, 6th through 12th graders, athletic clubs, and community youth programs. Many of our groups come to us as part of a school day or practice they are holding in Cooperstown, while others choose to travel to Cooperstown solely to experience our powerful programs.

Program Length: 4–7 hours
Place of activity: One of our climbing or challenge course structures on site or at Moss Island in Little Falls, New York for outdoor rock climbing.
Price: See Price Chart

Indoor & Outdoor Challenge Course Photos

Indoor & Outdoor Rock Climbing Program Photos

Ice & Rock Climbing Clinics For Small Groups

All Climbing clinics are day long events designed for groups of 1 to 4 students. Climbing clinics can be done on our new indoor rock facility or outdoors on Moss Island in Little Falls, New York. Clinics are lead by an American Mountain Guide Association Certified Instructor and Licensed Guide.

Intro to Rock Climbing

This clinic is for the up and coming climbers. Designed to beginners wishing to experience outdoor climbing with an experience climbing guide. This is perfect for families or small groups of friends wishing to sample the sport of outdoor climbing. All equipment included.

Top Rope Anchors

Designed for climbers with some experience who wish to go out on there own and need to hone in their skills setting up their own ropes Students enrolling in this program should have some experience rock climbing and solid know tying skills.

Intro to Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is an exciting way to stay busy in the winter months. We provide all the cool techy equipment to climb near vertical to vertical ice walls and share techniques in using them. This clinic may be on local ice or provided in the Catskills depending on the groups needs.

Climber’s Rescue Skills

Climbers need to be self sufficient and have the skills to get your self out of a jam is a must. Starting out with knots, hitches, moving through a sequence of belay escapes weight transfers, counter balances and lowers the clinic will help you with necessary concepts to get you to the ground with minimum equipment when things go wrong.

Ice & Rock Climbing Clinic Photos

Teambuilding & Professional Development

This program is a customized, fun and interactive program, designed for groups that want to improve teamwork, cooperation, collaborative problem solving, and team enthusiastic. Designed for everyone your group will experience a series of fast paced simulations and teambuilding challenges that will put your communication and problem solving skills to the test. Short introductions to team concepts and facilitated group discussions are used at the end of each team challenge to help attendees identify action steps and commitments that can be implemented in the workplace, school or anywhere for that matter. The activities for this program are engaging and active but they are designed to include important roles that require different levels of physical ability and different skill sets. These activities can include large group activities (up to 250), and indoor simulation style challenges which the physical level and risks can be tailored to your group.

Price: Call us at (607) 547-2800 for pricing

Teambuilding & Professional Development Photos