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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

It is the primary mission of The Clark Sports Center to take an active role in the health, fitness, recreational and educational life of the Village of Cooperstown and its surrounding area. Specific objectives include safe, high quality youth, adult, and family programming as well as outreach programs aimed at addressing the needs of the under served local populations.

Our Vision

It is the vision of The Clark Sports Center to provide exceptional opportunities for those we serve to experience a lifetime of fitness and fun through education and recreation.

Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles referenced below serve as ethical and moral expectations for all Clark Sports Center employees.

  • Those We Serve Come First: Meeting the needs of the people we serve is our primary concern. Their safety, growth and health are the first considerations in every decision. Their needs must be responded to promptly and positively.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Selecting quality staff, providing them with quality training and supervision in a positive respectful atmosphere is imperative.
  • Continually Improve Through Innovation: Look for new and better ways of doing things while building on what we have already accomplished.
  • Commit to Excellence: Our standard of performance is excellence. Those we serve depend on us to provide them with the highest degree of excellence in our services.
  • Have Fun: Enjoyment is at the core of the services we offer and the environment within which we work.
  • Offer Respect and Compassion to All: Everyone deserves to be treated with the highest degree of respect and compassion.