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Attire & Etiquette


Members and guests of The Clark Sports Center are expected to act in a safe and considerate manner. Persons must comply with the rules of each area of the Sports Center and directions of the Sports Center staff.

The Clark Sports Center is a non-smoking facility. Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited inside the Sports Center and anywhere on its grounds. Alcohol, non-prescription drugs, and tobacco are prohibited. Foul or abusive language and physical altercations will not be tolerated. Animals (with the exception of service animals), bicycles, and potentially damaging devices are not allowed on the grounds or inside the building. Skateboards, scooters, and roller blades are not allowed on The Clark Sports Center grounds. Food and drink are allowed only in the downstairs pit area and in the restricted areas of the bowling alley. Drinks in glass bottles are prohibited inside The Clark Sports Center.


Appropriate attire is required to use the Sports Center facilities:

  • Clean sneakers must be worn in the Fitness Center, Group Fitness, racquets courts, and on the gym floor.
  • Cleats are not allowed inside of the Sports Center.
  • Bathing suits are required to enter the pool; Cut-off shorts and shirts are not allowed as pool attire.
  • Babies must wear swim diapers.