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Locker Rooms

Please observe and adhere to the following locker room rules and guidelines (please note that the Sports Center is not responsible for articles left unattended in the locker rooms or any other part of the building):

  • Men’s and women’s locker rooms are for members and guests who are beyond high school. Youth locker rooms are for use by youth K-12.
  • Locker rooms for the physically disabled are available. Please check in at the Main Desk for options.
  • Gender neutral locker room options are available. Please ask the Main Desk for more information.
  • Members and guests may use the locker rooms for up to 30 minutes after program areas close at night.
  • Day lockers are available by request at the Main Desk for members.
  • Saunas are located in the adult locker rooms and may be used by persons 21 years or older.