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Get Fit Right


Returning in 2023!

GET FIT RIGHT is a program designed to help you reach your goals! Stay consistent, work through challenges and earn points while forming new habits and making them stick. Points will be recorded on a weekly GET FIT RIGHT punch card. Members will have opportunities to win prizes and earn entries into winning a FREE Annual Membership! The drawing will be held at the completion of the program.


Register at the Fitness Center Desk any time throughout the program. Must be 14 years of age or older. There is a program fee of $10/member.

New Bonus Challenge!
Members can also register for GET FIT RIGHT’S new Extreme Challenge. The challenges are designed to keep a long-term goal in mind, plan for it and stick to it. Members can choose ONE of eight Extreme Challenges. Upon completion, you will earn one additional entry into the FREE Annual Membership drawing at the end of GET FIT RIGHT.

  1. Run/Walk 200Km Ultra Marathon
    • Utilizing a treadmill or the walking track, complete 200km total.  Walking 3.1 miles, three times per week will complete the 200Km in 10 weeks.
  2. Climb a SB6K Peak
    • Utilizing the Rock Wall, a Stairmaster, or the Jacob’s ladder, complete 6000 feet.  Climbing 5 routes on the Rock Wall three times per week or 200ft per 30 minutes on the Jacob’s ladder will allow you to complete the challenge.
  3. Climb the Niesen Stairway (11,674 steps) FIVE times for a total of 58,370 steps
    • Climbing 5,837 steps per week will allow you to complete the challenge
  4. Row the River Thames (343Km)
    • Using the rowers, row 11Km, three times per week to complete the challenge.
  5. Bike 300Km
    • Using a spin bike or bike, complete 6.2miles, three times per week to compete 300 Km.
  6. Bowl 2,500 points
  7. Swim 15 Miles
    • Complete 1.5 miles per week.
  8. Norseman
    • Run/Walk a Marathon (26.2 miles), Bike 111Km and Swim 3.8Km.

Nutrition Seminars

Throughout GET FIT RIGHT, participants can attend weekly CSC Nutrition Seminars for points! Click here for a list.

For more information, please contact Health and Wellness Coordinator, Hannah Dulovich, at (607) 547-2800, ext. 123.