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Membership Rates

Membership Type Rate
Preschool (0-4 years)$100/year
Junior (5-24 years)$195/year
Adult (25-61 years)$350/year
Senior Citizen Single (62+)$225/year
Senior Citizen Couple (One person 62+)$380/year
Family (Two adults in household and juniors)$565/year
Single Parent Family (Head of household and juniors)
Single Parent Only
Fitness Center (Ages 14+)
Additional to basic fee; Per person fee billed concurrent with membership.
90 Day½ of above
Adult One Month Membership with Fitness Center
30 consecutive days.
Junior One Month Membership with Fitness Center (Ages 14+ may use the Fitness Center)
30 consecutive days.
7 Day PassInquire at the Main Desk

Clark Sports Center Online Services Portal

Additional Charges

Personal Training Instruction: $15.00 per 30 minutes or $125.00 for ten 30 minute sessions. $25.00 per 30 minute sessions for non-members. Group training sessions are also available.

Conference Room Rental: The Conference Room is currently unavailable at this time. $50.00 for up to a three hour time blocks (a fee of $10 per hour for each additional hour may be applied).

Lockers: The Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms are the only locker rooms available at this time. They are open for changing only and showers are unavailable. Men’s and women’s lockers are $55 per year; boys and girls large lockers are $30 per year. All rates exclude tax. Please inquire at the Main Desk to reserve a locker or to be placed on the locker waiting list.

Adult locker rooms are for members/guests beyond high school. Day lockers are not available at this time.

The family locker rooms are unavailable at this time, but are normally for use by parents with preschoolers/infants, disabled members/guests and those with special needs.

Children 5 and older should transition into the girls/boys locker rooms.

The Clark Sports Center encourages leaving valuables at home.