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Lightning Policy

When you hear the siren sound for 15 seconds and amber lights illuminate and rotate, all participants on the fields, tennis courts and ropes course must seek shelter immediately. When the danger has passed, the “all clear” signal is three 5 second alerts on the siren and the lights will shut off.

No Animals Allowed Policy

Animals are not allowed on Clark Sports Center property at any time (exception: service dogs).

Sex Offender Policy

Registered or convicted sex offenders are not eligible for membership in The Clark Sports Center or for participation in its programs and activities. Registered or convicted sex offenders shall not enter onto or loiter in the vicinity of the property of The Clark Foundation that is designated as The Clark Sports Center or other property of The Clark Foundation when used for programs and activities of The Clark Sports Center.

Electronic Free Days Policy

Every day is an electronic free day for school aged youth until 6:00pm. If your child is using an electronic device other than a cell phone to call home, he/she will be asked to put it away and be encouraged to participate in programming.

Organized Activities & Outdoor Fields Policy

Coaching, instruction, training, lessons, and other organized activities must be directed by Clark Sports Center staff unless approved by the appropriate Department Head, Associate Directors, or Director.

Permission and check-in is required to use the playing fields adjacent to the Sports Center. Non-members must pay any appropriate guest fees.

Telephone Policy

Use of Sports Center telephones is restricted to business calls and emergencies. Cell phone use is prohibited in all locker rooms.