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Sports Performance

Located in the mezzanine above the Fitness Center, our Sports Performance Center offers 4 distinct areas for supplementing your training program. The ESCAPE rig is a Functional Training station capable of hosting 20 users at a time. The Kinesis Area offers a 7 Station Circuit that is designed to work with beginners or handle professional athletes. The Power Area offers users 4 pieces of Cardio Equipment as well as some fitness equipment to deliver a one of a kind fitness experience. The Team Area that doubles as a stretch, strength and core area. Use of the Sports Performance area is included with the Fitness Center Membership. Programs take precedence over open use. Schedule will vary. Rates are available for individual, small groups (2 or 3), large groups (4 or 5), and teams more than 5. A free Functional Movement Screening (FMS) may be required. Please contact Rich Jantzi, Health & Fitness Director, at 607-547-2800 for more information.