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Fitness Game Room

The Fitness Game Room is an interactive fitness room, using technology and gameplay to get people moving and active all while having fun! Participants can have fun playing games, but have to MOVE in order to play. It features six pieces of new equipment that use light, sound and technology to keep people moving. Each piece can be used by individuals or groups, allowing family members, friends and gym buddies to compete against each other. The equipment will provide different cognitive and physical benefits, ranging from strength to agility to heart health.

The room and equipment will also be programmed for use by Personal Trainers and their clients, groups, as well as other adult fitness programs. Having fun while working out is our goal!

Room Use Rules
• The exergaming room may only be used during designated times and when staffed.
• Staff is available to orient youth on the equipment during open hours.
• The Fitness Game Room is designed for interactive gaming and play. Participants will NOT be permitted to sit or stand around.
• All equipment must be used appropriately at all times.
• All safety precautions must be followed.
• Closed toe shoes are required at all times.
• No food or drink is permitted, with the exception of water bottles with lids that can close.
• The Fitness Game Room attendant reserves the right to expel any participant that is disrespectful to staff, other players, exhibits poor sportsmanship or misuse of the equipment.

Age Guidelines
• The Fitness Game Room is for all ages during open times.
• Participants under 5 years of age must be under direct supervision of an adult 18 years or older. Directly supervised is defined as standing on the floor an arm’s length away, but not on another piece of equipment.