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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Aqua Body Blast

Limit: 25

While easy on your joints, this “liquid gym” utilizes the deep and/or shallow ends of the lap pool to improve your core stabilization, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance with no or low impact.

Ashtanga Elements

Limit: 25

This class is an athletic and meditative flow class based on the Ashtanga Primary Series taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Beginning with sun salutations, the class moves on to standing postures, sitting postures, supine postures and inversions. The class will allow students already familiar with Yoga Foundations or Yoga Flow to deepen their understanding and experience of various asanas (postures). Ashtanga Elements also provides an excellent opportunity for those with limited yoga experience but who participate in other fitness activities to develop practices that will prevent injury and ease back, hip, shoulder, or hamstring tightness/pain.


Limit: 15

A signature workout that combines ballet, weights, Pilates and Yoga for a low-impact, invigorating, fat-burning workout. Free-standing lifting using light weights, some mat work, and plenty of barre work.

Chair Yoga

Limit: 15

Chair Yoga is for Seniors and anyone who wants a gentle form of yoga for improved physical and mental fitness. Chair Yoga is practiced sitting on a chair. This class uses Hatha Yoga along with other types of Yoga to calm the nervous system, deepen flexibility, and strengthen personal body awareness. All levels welcome

Core & More

Limit: 20

Core training exercises that may incorporate lower and or upper body conditioning utilizing various fitness equipment. Please come to class warmed up.

CSC - Cardio, Strength & Core

Limit: 16

This class offers the best of both worlds. 30 minutes of movement to music followed by thirty minutes of balance exercises, stretching, centering, and relaxation. Appropriate for all fitness levels. No experience necessary.

Deep Aqua B.A.S.I.C.

Limit: 20

(Balance, Aerobic, Strength, Interval and Core) TRAINING. Everybody gets a full body workout when cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercises meet the challenge of the depth and resistance of the water. 


Limit: 12

A circuit style class incorporating functional exercises with a variety of equipment in the Escape cage.

Express Workout

Limit: 20

Experience a 30 minute time efficient strength conditioning workout. If you have limited workout time, this is your class!

FIT - Functional Integrated Training

Limit: 20

An integrated strength training class using various equipment that also focuses on balance and stability to promote optimal performance in real life.

Fit Camp

Limit: 25

A non-choreographed conditioning class designed to sculpt, strengthen and stretch your body utilizing various equipment such as weights, body bars, tubing, stability balls, medicine balls, step bench, balance discs, Bosu and stretch straps. This class also includes balance, core & flexibility training.

Fluid Movement

Limit: 10

Held in the warm-water therapy pool, this workout focuses on flexibility, range of motion, balance and overall core strength and stability. We will use minimum impact to slowly work through each joint and muscle group to help increase performance with everyday activities.

Forever Fit

Limit: 18

A little bit of cardiovascular exercise (low impact), a little bit of strength training, a little bit of balance training and a whole lot of fun!

Gentle Spin

Limit: 15

A slightly shorter, less intense Spinning class geared towards beginners or seniors who would like to improve their cardiovascular fitness. No previous experience is required for this class, just the desire to try something new. Motivational music will inspire you, stretching and brief relaxation after will improve your body, mind and spirit.

Gentle Yoga

Limit: 20

While uniting body, breath, and mind, this gentle yoga practice is for those who wish to strengthen their bodies, calm their minds, and find relaxation through breath work and yoga postures, both active & restorative. This is the perfect class to begin your yoga practice. Various props will be used.


Limit: 25

Washin Ryu is a traditional style of karate that includes training in the performance of katas (forms), self defense techniques, kumites (sport sparring) and exercise associated with Karate. This highly structured class encourages individual pace and achieving your personal best. It is taught by students of the world famous Hidy Ochiai and emphasizes nonviolence, self respect, concentration and discipline.

Kundalini Fit Yoga

Limit: 25

This class teaches lively Kundalini Yoga to improve strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Class includes pranayama, asanas, exercise, mantra and meditation to give students improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Class is open and appropriate for all levels.

Kundalini Yoga

Limit: 25

This class teaches fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga. Class flows at a moderate pace incorporating breath, postures, movement, sound and meditation to activate and balance the chakras. Class is open and appropriate for all levels.

Low Impact Zumba

Limit: 20

Low Impact Zumba is based on the same dance moves used in the original Zumba class. This class, however, is less intense, with dance routines designed for beginners and older adults.

Morning Splash

Limit: 20

Wake up with a total body workout that integrates a variety of deep water exercises to enhance cardiovascular fitness while strengthening and toning muscles.


Limit: 20

With an emphasis on breathing, core conditioning, and body awareness, Pilates is a safe and highly effective way to stretch, strengthen, and streamline your body without building bulk or stressing your joints. Performed on a mat, Pilates exercises will leave you looking toned, feeling revitalized, and moving with ease.


Limit: 14

Pound® is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the energizing and sweat dripping fun of playing the drums. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, Pound transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.

Prime Time

Limit: 15

A mild exercise class for seniors who would like to improve their strength, flexibility and balance while having fun in a relaxed social setting. It is designed to give the participant a variety of exercises while standing, seated and occasional floor work to help maintain and enhance their well being.

Restorative/Gentle Blend Yoga

Limit: 20

Restorative/Gentle Blend Yoga is a practice designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body & mind. Yoga props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps are often used to help the body relax and open comfortable, releasing stress from deep within joints and connective tissue. This practice is enjoyable and therapeutic for all ages and levels.


Limit: 20

SPINNING is a registered trademark of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. Spinning is a stationary cycling group exercise class for all levels of fitness. Classes consist of changing ride profiles with instructors leading participants through an energizing “ride.” Spinning rides combine a foundation of basic cycling movements with motivational coaching techniques, breathing awareness and heart rate training.

Sunrise Yoga

Limit: 25

This class seamlessly blends the methodologies of Kripalu Yoga and Yogafit, providing you with a safe and enjoyable way to explore your yoga journey. Students will gain strength, focus, flexibility and find stress relief. This class is designed for students with previous yoga experience.

Sweat Wet

Limit: 20

Jump right into the deep to increase your strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Designed to burn calories and make you sweat. Let’s get WET!!


Limit: 25

Tabata is a high intensity interval type of workout. This training protocol involves performing a particular exercise(s) at a high intensity for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is repeated 8 times for a total training time of 4 minutes, followed by one minute of rest/recovery before moving on to the next round for a total of 8 rounds. All of the exercises to be performed are demonstrated with different variations offered. The class concludes with a well deserved cool down & stretch.

TBC - Total Body Conditioning

Limit: 20

This one hour class is focused on creating a strong and balanced body for the activities of daily life. Toning, balance, flexibility training, and short segments of cardiovascular exercise are a few of the training formats that will be used to increase your lean muscle mass and help boost your metabolism. This well balanced workout will help you have more energy, increase strength, and a healthier body.


Limit: 25

A different style class will be offered each week.

Yoga Flow

Limit: 25

This class seamlessly blends the methodologies of Kripalu Yoga and Yogafit, providing you with a safe and enjoyable way to explore your yoga journey. Students will gain strength, focus, flexibility and find stress relief. This class is designed for students with previous yoga experience.

YogaFit Level 1

Limit: 25

YogaFit classes involve linking several poses together to create strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. This technique is called vinyasa, which means, “to place in a special way”. In this YogaFit classes, we will create classes that effectively work all parts of the body equally, creating an experience of non-judgement and non-competition for our students. It is highly complimentary to other styles with this focus.


Limit: 25

Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the participant to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be a “fun & easy to do.” Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for both the body & mind.