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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Beginner Yoga Fit

Limit: 9

Yoga Fit classes involve linking several poses together to create strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. This technique is called vinyasa, which means, “ to place in a special way”. In this Yoga Fit class, we will effectively work all parts of the body equally, creating an experience of non-judgement and non-competition for our students.

Bodyweight Bootcamp

Limit: 9

This class will combine functional movements utilizing bodyweight, cardiovascular and core training exercises for a total body workout. All fitness levels welcome.

Express Spin

Limit: 12

A shorter version of our regular Spinning class for those with limited workout time.

Fit 30

Limit: 9

A time efficient total body functional training workout designed to take your fitness level up a notch. This class will utilize body weight and a variety of fitness equipment including dumbbells, body bars, bands and balls.

Foundations to Flow

Limit: 9

A slow to moderate paced class designed to enhance a more mindful movement of the spine. This class focuses on proper alignment and marrying breath with movement. Learn to flow more fluidly through your poses or asanas, by learning about and exploring key foundational poses from which all others are built. This class feels very meditative, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. Both beginners and those with an established practice can benefit from this class.

Gentle Spin

Limit: 12

A slightly shorter, less intense Spinning class geared towards beginners or seniors who would like to improve their cardiovascular fitness. No previous experience is required for this class, just the desire to try something new. Motivational music will inspire you, stretching and brief relaxation after will improve your body, mind and spirit.

Gentle Yoga

Limit: 9

While uniting body, breath, and mind, this gentle yoga practice is for those who wish to strengthen their bodies, calm their minds, and find relaxation through breath work and yoga postures, both active & restorative. This is the perfect class to begin your yoga practice. Various props will be used.

Hatha Happy Hour

Limit: 9

Balancing body and mind through physical poses or asanas, breathing techniques and meditation. Through the continued performance of asanas you will gain flexibility & strength as well as help you cope with stress and relieve tension. Class is open to beginners and continuing students.

Intermediate Flow

Limit: 9

This intermediate flow class will be based primarily on positions and transitions from the Ashtanga primary series. Familiarity with the basic asanas (postures) is assumed.

Mindful Flow

Limit: 9

This class is for yogis, who after many months of little practice, wish to begin their practice again. Both standing and seated flows will be led with emphasis on mindfulness so that each student is able to create their personal balance of effort and ease. This feel good, no stress class ends in relaxation, so everyone leaves feeling rejuvenated and peaceful.

Moving Meditation

Limit: 9

A gentle movement class designated to help you relax at the end of the day. This class offers an opportunity to relax the mind, relieve stress and restore balance back to the body. The use of guided visualizations, mantra, breath awareness and mindful techniques will help to increase your alertness, inner-awareness and peace. No previous meditation experience is required.

Power 45

Limit: 9

A full body class using body weight and minimal equipment that focuses on strength, power & balance designed to improve your overall performance & everyday life.

Prime Time

Limit: 10

A mild exercise class for seniors who would like to improve their strength, flexibility and balance while having fun in a relaxed social setting. It is designed to give the participant a variety of exercises while standing, seated and occasional floor work to help maintain and enhance their well being.

Slow Flow Yoga

Limit: 9

Designed to leave you feeling refreshed and restored, this slower and meditative paced class will emphasize peace and calm in the body and mind. Poses will be held longer taking several rounds for breath in each pose. Poses will range from gentle to challenging. All levels are welcome.

Spin 101

Limit: 12

An introductory class designed to give you a foundation of knowledge. This class will place an emphasis on teaching the proper hand positions, core movements, correct form and technique to make you feel more confident on the bike.


Limit: 12

SPINNING is a registered trademark of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. Spinning is a stationary cycling group exercise class for all levels of fitness. Classes consist of changing ride profiles with instructors leading participants through an energizing “ride.” Spinning rides combine a foundation of basic cycling movements with motivational coaching techniques, breathing awareness and heart rate training.

Sunrise Yoga Flow

Limit: 9

See Yoga Flow description.

Sweat Wet

Limit: 6

Jump right into the deep to increase your strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Designed to burn calories and make you sweat. Let’s get WET!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Limit: 9

The word “vinyasa” can be translated as “arranging something in a special way.” In this vinyasa yoga class, movement is coordinated with breath, flowing from one pose to the next. The result is a moving meditation, resulting in greater flexibility, strength and mindfulness. This class is for students with prior yoga experience.

Yin Yoga

Limit: 9

Yin Yoga is the practice of quiet receptivity. This slower and meditative style of Yoga involves holding poses for longer periods of time and deep breathing. Through the application of moderate stretches to connective tissues including fascia, ligaments and tendons; students improve circulation to the joints and overall flexibility.

Yoga Flow

Limit: 9

This class seamlessly blends the methodologies of Kripalu Yoga and Yogafit, providing you with a safe and enjoyable way to explore your yoga journey. Students will gain strength, focus, flexibility and find stress relief. This class is designed for students with previous yoga experience.

Yoga for Athletes

Limit: 9

Do you run, bike, play tennis or workout three times a week? Then you’re an athlete! Compliment your strength & power workouts with sport specific yoga poses to improve your flexibility and joint mobility.