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Ice & Rock Climbing Clinics

Ice & Rock Climbing Clinics For Small Groups

All Climbing clinics are day long events designed for groups of 1 to 4 students. Climbing clinics can be done on our new indoor rock facility or outdoors on Moss Island in Little Falls, New York. Clinics are lead by an American Mountain Guide Association Certified Instructor and Licensed Guide.

Intro to Rock Climbing

This clinic is for up and coming climbers and designed for beginners wishing to experience outdoor climbing with an experienced climbing guide. This is perfect for families or small groups of friends wishing to sample the sport of outdoor climbing. All equipment included.

Top Rope Anchors

Designed for climbers with some experience who wish to climb on their own and need to hone in their skills and set up their own ropes. Students enrolling in this program should have some experience rock climbing and know knot tying skills.

Intro to Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is an exciting way to stay busy in the winter months. We provide all the cool techy equipment to climb near vertical to vertical ice walls and share techniques in using them. This clinic may be on local ice or provided in the Catskills depending on the groups needs.

Climber’s Rescue Skills

Climbers need to be self sufficient and have the skills to get out of a jam. Starting out with knots, hitches, moving through a sequence of belay escapes, weight transfers, counter balances and lowers, the clinic will help you with necessary concepts to get you to the ground with minimum equipment when things go wrong.