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Gym Floor

There are no Gym Floor programs scheduled. Please call us for today’s schedule.

Gym Floor Rules & Guidelines

  • If the golf/batting cage is in use, Open Floor times will be 1/2 court.
  • Food and drink are not allowed on the Gym Floor!
  • Non-marking sneakers are required on the floor at all times.
  • The Bouldering Wall is open during general Gym Floor operating hours except during special events, camps, and league play on the Gym Floor.
  • Special groups and activities such as clinics, tournaments, and basketball games take priority over open play. Please call for Gym Floor availability.

Travel Basketball Note

  • On Saturday mornings, boys and girls basketball games will be scheduled January to March, 8:00am-1:00pm, and take priority over open Gym Floor time. Time is subject to change.

Holidays & Snow Days

  • In the event of a Cooperstown Central School holiday or snow day, the Gym Floor schedule will change accordingly. Mornings and afternoons will feature open Gym Floor. Evening activities and leagues will take place as schedule. Call us at (607) 547-2800 for current schedule information.